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open doors day (10/2022)


On 20 October 2022, we opened the doors of the tide-gauge station to students and teachers of the Nautical School in Bakar and public. Visitors could see the instruments and listen to lectures about the peculiarities of sea-level measurements, about the station's history and about the processes that induce sea-level oscillations. We also discussed the importance of acquired knowledge for solving some of present day problems such as coastal flooding and climate change, but also practical applications of our measurements (with an emphasis on navigation).







STUDENTS' Field work (05/2022)

On 20 May 2022 students of geophysics (UniZg) visited tide-gauge station Bakar and meteorological station Zavižan. Shown photos were taken by our student Lara Leko.

Worktable at the tide-gauge station Bakar.
Prof. dr. sc. Zoran Pasarić and students at the radar tide gauge (OTT RLS). 


Dr. sc. Antun Marki at the meteorological station Zavižan.


Students visiting botanical garden at Zavižan.



STUDENTS' Field work (05/2019)

On 17 May 2019 students of geophysics (Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb) visited the tide-gauge station Bakar (within the course Field work). Students were introduced to sea-level measurements performed using float-type (analog and digital) and radar instruments. After visiting Bakar, we continued to Zavižan meteorological station, the station at the highest altitude in the Republic of Croatia. Shown photos were taken by our former student Tonko Bogovac.

Technician Damir Ptičar demonstrates checks of the tide-gauge zero.


Chart-recording instrument and device for measuring the distance between the contact point and the current water level.
Prof. Zoran Pasarić visits the radar-type instrument with students.
Students make notes for the report.



In the end, a beautiful view of the Adriatic from Zavižan.

ExceptionaLly high sea level (10/2018)

Press release on extremely high sea level (minute measurements) recorded at station Bakar, can be found here (in Croatian).

Hourly sea levels measured at station Bakar during the storm surge in October 2018.
Heights are expressed relative to zero Z0 = 73.8 cm (national geodetic system HVRS71).



STUdents in Bakar (05/2011)

On 27 May 2011 students of geophysics (Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb) visited tide-gauge station Bakar.

Prof. Mirko Orlić explains how float-type sensor works.
Prof. Mirko Orlić explains to students, and other visitors, history of the station and its importance in sea-level monitoring.


Dr. sc. Mira Pasarić explains how the radar sensor works.


Seventy-fifth anniversary (2005)

In 2005 the station celebrated its 75th birthday. On this occasion prof. Mirko Orlić wrote an article for journal Bakarski zbornik (link). Pictures from the celebration are in the gallery below.


Installation of a radar tide gauge (09/2004)

In September 2004 a radar tide gauge was installed in Bakar, the first of its kind in Croatia. Sensor (OTT Kalesto) was placed at the entrance to the harbor and installed in open air on a hanging arm (in L position). Instrument measures sea level relative to the same tide-gauge zero level as the other two instruments providing 1-min data that are stored locally and sent with 15 min latency to Geophysical Department in Zagreb. Photographs of instrument installation are in gallery below.


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