Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb, in cooperation with the Croatian Actuarial Association, offers a two year graduate program in actuarial mathematics. The program includes writing of the master thesis and leads to the title Master of Actuarial Mathematics.

The master program follows the current program cores adopted by IAA (International Actuarial Association) and Groupe Consultatif (des Associations d'Actuaries des Pays de Communautes Europennes). The program includes the applied mathematics, probability and statistics with applications in insurance, basic economics, investing, life insurance, general insurance, pension funds and health insurance. Courses are taught by faculty at the Department Mathematics, Institute of Economics in Zagreb, professors from abroad, and professionals in insurance and finance industry from Croatia and from abroad.

Students are expected to have mathematical knowledge comparable to an undergraduate degree in mathematics, physics or engineering. The program is designed towards the needs of students already employed in the insurance industry – insurance companies, pension funds and government agencies.

Postgraduate Specialist Study in Actuarial Mathematics