Geological-Paleontological collection

The Geological-Paleontological collection operates at the Department of Geology within the Division of Geology and Paleontology.

The collection consists of about 4,000 rock and fossil specimens from almost all periods of the geological past. The oldest specimens date from the Precambrian period. For each fossil sample, the name of the genus and / or species, location and age are given.


Certain groups of organisms are characterized by their appearance and / or disappearance for certain periods of the geological past. Therefore, fossil remains of flora and fauna help us to better understand the geological past of our area and the changes that have taken place in time and space.

The largest share of samples found in the Collection were collected in the Republic of Croatia and neighboring countries, but many samples are also from various other parts of the world. The collection is gradually being filled from the very beginning of teaching mineralogy and petrology at the University of Zagreb in the academic year 1875/76.


The Geological and Paleontological Collection is located on floor 0 of the Division of Geology and Paleontology at Horvatovac 102a.