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In school year 2021/2022. Stipe Vidak award by Department of Mathematics is given to  mathematics and informatics teachers from elementary and secondary schools in Zagreb for exceptional contribution to teaching and working with students and pupils. Award is given in memory of our dear late colleague assistant professor Stipe Vidak, PhD, who entered his positive spirit, openess in communication, passion for mathematics and high professionalism into teaching.


In the category of elementary schools nominees are:

Siniša Režak (El. school Žitnjak),

Tanja Soucie (El. school S. S. Kranjčević),

Minja Stepić (El. school Remete),

Sanja Stilinović (El. school August Šenoa), 

Marija Zubec (El. school Žitnjak),


and in the category of secondary schools nominees are:

Andrea Igaly (Tituš Brezovački gymnasium),

Gordana Sekulić-Štivčević (1st gymnasium),

team Sanja Antoliš, Aneta Copić i Eva Špalj (15th gymnasium).


Award ceremony will be a good chance to remember the principles and values our dear Stipe applied to teaching, but also a good chance to point out the importance of effort that many teachers put into their teaching in order to upbring future experts and transfer the knowledge to them in a partner-like relationship. This year's nominations are exceptional and we will point that out through biographies of the nominees.


Names of the winners and their summarized but still impressive biographies will be published after the Award ceremony.


The ceremony will be held on January 26, 2022, 12:00 hours with direct Zoom stream via this link: https://zoom.us/my/predavaonica003 .


We are using this opportunity to invite members of wider mathematics community to join us in short appropriate program.


Stipe Vidak Award Comitee

(professor Željka Milin Šipuš, PhD., professor Hrvoje Šikić, PhD., assistant professor Matija Bašić, PhD., Renata Vlahović Kruc, PhD., Matko Ljulj, PhD., Antica Baković, Domagoj Tomić)

Author: Božidar Tartaro
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