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Researchers from Department of Chemistry Marijana Pocrnić and Nives Galić in colaboration with researchers from Slovenia (Polonca Trebše and Albert T. Lebedev), and from Ruđer Bošković Institute (Krunoslav Bojanić, Ivana Tartaro Bujak and student Karlo Blažek) have published the scientific publication: Radiation-induced degradation of doxazosin: Role of reactive species, toxicity, mineralization and degradation pathways in the prestigious Elsevier Journal of Water Process Engineering (IF = 7.340).

State-of-the art technologies for the removal of pharmaceuticals from environmental water include ionizing radiation. This study reports the radiation-induced degradation of doxazosin, a widely used pharmaceutical for the treatment of hypertension, under different conditions (addition of N2, N2O, thiourea, propanol etc.). The effects of pH, various inorganic ions and water matrix on DOX degradation were also studied. The main degradation products were identified using LC-HRMS and degradation pathways were proposed.

Author: Adriana Kenđel
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